New cable program: Description

Every year Kharma's technology and program evolves and now we proudly present our newest development in the cable program. Introducing three completely new cable series, with each their own set of characteristics and details, rising above our previous cable series beyond imagination. 

Traditionally basically all Kharma cables are founded on silver or silver gold conductors, with different amounts of conductors, different diameters, shielding, isolating, non-vibrational materials and special treatments. With our new cable collections we follow that tradition. However, the tradition is evolved by adding carbon as an additional conductor. This combination of Silver and Nano-Carbon conductors (SNC) form a hybrid conductor construction for all three collections. Together with individually chambering the conductors to optimize the effect of air insulation, a new tradition has been born. 

The sonic difference between the three collections is in the amount of precious metal that is used in the cable, the purity of the materials used, the labour to increase the conductors, the amount of shielding, and the proprietary temperings and treatments we apply to the conductors. Guaranteed all very audible in the appropriate system.

In the beginning of 2018 Kharma will launch a complete new website, where more information will be made available on all new cables. For now, you can request information by sending a mail to 


New cable program: Elegance Cables

The purest form of the hybrid SNC technology is used within the Elegance Cable collection. The elegant cables contain the same individually chambered conductor structure as in all three cable collections, but are executed in an optimum price versus quality ratio. 

Just as in the Elegance Speaker Collection, the Elegance Cable Collection is based on a combination of black anodized aluminium parts and chromed trimming details. In this way the Elegance Cable collection matches the Elegance Speaker collection both audible as aesthetically.   

You can request more information by sending a mail to 

New cable program: Exquisite Cables

The Exquisite Speaker Collection uses a combination of blank anodized parts with gold trimming details. The Exquisite Cable Collection uses this same combination for the cable endings, but adds a new finish at the same time. The cable sleeves are made from genuine black leather to bring a new level of craftsmanship. 

At first thought, leather looks a purely aesthetical addition, but leather at the same time possesses useful mechanical properties. Their internal damping coefficient makes leather a good vibration reducing material in combination with the vibration reducing tubing used. This all to keep mechanical disturbances away from the hybrid SNC conductor structure. 

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New cable program: Enigma Veyron Cables

The Enigma Veyron Cable Collection breaks all boundaries in high-end audio design. This collection goes far beyond imagination and has to be heard to be believed. Dutch craftsmanship is used to create this Ultimate level, making no compromises and giving everything we got.

The finish of the Enigma Veyron Cable Collection is pure craftsmanship, including the finest embroidered genuine leather with dark brown anodized aluminium end-parts and Rose Gold trimming. The dark brown leather is embroidered with the characteristic Kharma pattern.

The superlative craftsmanship for the Enigma Veyron cable collection is even more shown by the new Kharma Advanced Core Treatment 2.0. Special care is taken for each conductor separately, meaning all conductors undergo their own Advanced Core Treatment 2.0 to reach maximum effect of this treatment. This labour intensive treatment results in a new level of excellence.

The delicacy, devotion and passion to detail of these artisanal made cables lead to enormous dynamics, infinite resolution, a natural timbre and a transparent holographic soundstage for this entire cable collection. 

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