Kharma Listeningchair

The ongoing eager to create and design luxurious and durable products doesn't stop at High-end audio products. If you are always working on creating the ultimate music representation in a beautiful package, you start wondering what would complement the collection of extraordinary finished loudspeakers, astonishing electronics and refined cables.  

The best listening sessions take place while seated, so why not create a luxurious piece of furniture that increases the synergy and ultimate listening experience of a Kharma system.  

The Kharma Listening chair is specially sculpted to enjoy a musical performance in every way. The chair in its upright listening position brings an active posture to unravel a musical masterpiece, while it can also be transformed to a laidback lounge chair to forget the world around us and enjoy our favourite music. By just a touch of a finger, you control the built-in motor to settle into your desired position.   

Kharma embodies the search for ultimate beauty, where audiophile excellence is converging with aesthetic beauty to reveal the most subtle musical experience and unlock immeasurable deep inner emotions and experiences. 


The concept behind the Visionair-One project was to create a high-end AV system with the highest degree of personalisation possible. The result is a singular, dedicated home theatre system which unites all aspects of the latest technology to produce the ultimate aural and visual experience.

This system delivers high definition images as well as ultra high definition sound, and is housed in a luxurious sculptural form that redefines the standards of appearance for technical equipment.  

This is the achievement of the Visionair Series. Even when not in use the Visonair-One has breathtaking beauty; it is a piece of visionary furniture.   


When activated as a sound system, or a home theatre system with plasma/LCD or dropdown screen for projection video, the system comes alive and produces a totally encompassing sound at whatever power level you wish to enjoy.

Because the Visonair-One cabinet provides ample room for dedicated amplifiers and electronics, there are virtually no boundaries to the power it can contain.

At Kharma we are aware of the future integration of audio and video in systems. So we are always inclined to explore what might become achievable and look at the potential for linking multiple technologies and designs. Imagine: no wires, no hassle, just sheer beauty and enjoyment. 

Room-in-a-Room concept

The CineMatrix is a revolutionary concept, which is based on the Room-In-A-Room (RIAR)™ principle. A fully isolated room is installed in your room containing all the audio and video you can imagine in a perfect acoustic environment with a totally customised interior design.

All the electronics are hidden in the walls of this new space, so that the visible space is completely serene, while in fact a huge, advanced sound and video system has been created.

Unbelievable high-definition sound with new air-motion transformer technology and the latest generation digital amplifier technology Gorgeous full-HD image projection with projectors or plasma screens.

The CineMatrix concept is completely adjustable to any desires, levels and sizes.


Kharma already realized a few very exclusive CineMatrixs, all in different styles and totally customised.

Now Kharma is also developing the Room-in-a-Room concept in the ultra high-end quality of the Exquisite Collection. This room will emanate the astonishing looks of the Exquisite Collection and at the same time will create the sound quality to cope with this.

The different style of this CineExquisite shows that the RIAR concept can be executed in every style, level and size. Please feel free to contact Kharma for more information about this unique concept.

Kharma Mobile System Integration

In 2008 Kharma was asked by Spyker to design the sound system for their beautiful sports cars. A year later all ideas were crystallized and the Spyker C8 Aileron can from now on be equipped with different levels of Kharma Audio.  

The presence of a Kharma sound system in the Spyker C8 Aileron marks Kharma’s debut in the world of automotive entertainment. Though, Kharma has managed to realize the high-end audio quality and exclusiveness of Kharma into the Spyker C8 Aileron.

This all is the result of our unique reputation and style, which are perfectly in line with Spyker’s brand values, craftsmanship and exclusivity. This makes this cooperation of Dutch craftmanship a match made in heaven. 


The Kharma sound system incorporates a digital radio, Bluetooth interface, iPod connectivity and a navigation system. The Kharma sound system offers joystick controls on the central console and a dashboard display, paired to six high-quality Kharma loudspeakers.

The Kharma sound system can be extended with two optional audio packages.

For more information contact Kharma International or Spyker Cars.

Grand Enigma Reference System

The Grand Enigma Reference System was a custom project designed and build by Kharma in a huge atomic cellar in Belgium and has become a statement in the high-end audio world and set a new level to luxury.

A line source of 16 air-motion transformers, the dynamic midrange of 24 x 7-inch drivers and 12 x 15-inch subwoofers makes this enormous sound system suited to relive every concert. The total power of this system combined with the impressive dimensions of 3.5 m (H) x 3.8 m (W) x 1 m (D) requires an extraordinary location, an atomic cellar. Just to mention the previous properties mentioned is only half of the Grand Enigma Reference System.

The total Grand Enigma Reference System has immense properties and illustrates that Kharma goes beyond imagination. Even when you think you have seen it all, Kharma amazes again.


The Kharma sound is already on the move by the integration of a Kharma sound system in the Spijker C8 Aileron. At present Kharma moves on by a fully integrated 4.1 audio system in a 10 metres long Centaurian Sloop.  

This specific boat project consists of four times a 2-way speaker and a 10 inch subwoofer. These 2-way speakers have a titanium tweeter and fibre glass woofer. Of course the entire sound system is made waterproof. However, this has not affected the beautiful design, which is shown by the polished aluminium grilles with waterproof and sound transparent cloth.  

Although this boat may look small for some, also large yachts can be equipped with a Kharma sound system. The design of these systems can be fully adjusted to every style and can go beyond your imagination.

Audio Video projects

Beside the famous Grand Enigma System and our latest hit the Cinematrix we also do custom projects on a smalle scale. Depending on your desires we can choose for a modular system, where anything is optional, or a complete custom project.

Throughout the years, Kharma has realised many custom projects in the Netherlands and international. These go from small Audio/Video systems to full decorations of homes, cars, yaughts, offices, etc.

The main principle is: anything is possible. Not the sky, but your own imagination is the limit. And of course we can help you broaden your imagination a little.